We will teach you the right skills for you to become a cataract surgeon by achieving the objectives you set for yourself.


    All ophthalmologists and residents who want to improve their surgical skills will benefit from this course.


    During your training these courses will help you to learn more efficiently, they will save you time and the resources will work synergistically alongside your training program.


    After becoming an ophthalmologist we will train you to become a competent cataract surgeon. Cataract surgery will be the most common surgery you will perform in your practice with the biggest impact on society and your patients.

    Cataract Surgeons

    Better results, repeatability, complex cases and you will learn to use new and latest technologies.


    Ivo Ferreira Ríos

    Ivo Ferreira, MD


    Ophthalmologist with an intense focus on cataract surgery training. Trained in the UNAM University, Mexico in anterior segment surgery. Co-Founder of Oftalmouniversity, Oftalmocast, and Phacomentors. Currently training residents in Mexico City in the Instituto de Oftalmología Conde de Valenciana and Medical Director of the virtual simulation center in Mexico. Undertaking a Masters Degree in Medical Education at Dundee University, Scotland.

    ishtiaque anwar

    Ishtiaque Anwar, MD


    Ophthalmologist with a major focus on cataract surgery. Trained in Iladevi Cataract & Research Center, India. Currently working in Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute as faculty and Phaco Development program trainer.

    ben la hood

    Ben LaHood, MD


    Ophthalmologist with a focus on cataract surgery. Ben completed his fellowship in refractive surgery in Adelaide, Australia with a focus on premium IOLs and currently works as an ophthalmologist in Auckland, New Zealand. He is passionate about research and teaching cataract surgery.

    jonathan lake

    Jonathan Lake, MD


    Ophthalmologist with an intense focus on cataract surgery. Trained as a cataract and cornea surgeon in Santa Casa College of Medical Science, Sao Paulo, Jonathan is now head of the anterior segment department there. Post Doctorate at Federal University in Sao Paulo. Currently working as the CMO of Opty group in Brasilia.


    The Cataract Wormhole®️ methodology by Phacomentors is an efficient training program for residents and ophthalmologists that consists of 3 phases. 

    Phase I Online Mentorship

    • Location: Remote (Online)
    • Duration: 1 to 3 months

    Phase II Virtual Simulation & Artificial Eyes Simulation

    • Location: Mexico City (MEX) / Barranquilla (COL)
    • Duration: 7 to 14 full-day training

    Phase III Patient surgery

    • Location: Tapachula (MEX) / Barranquilla (COL)
    • Duration: 1 to 3 months

    We recommend you take the 3 phases in the correct order. However, you can start at any phase if you fill all the requirements.

    You need to check for availability to start your program.


    • Here you will learn with your mentor and with real cases.
    • There are 14 micro-courses that you can choose from.
    • There are 6 that will be mandatory and 4 that will be optional.
    • You can choose them depending on your expertise level.
    • Modules: 
        • Introduction to Phaco principles 
        • What is to be a surgeon?
        • The journey to becoming a cataract surgeon 
        • Cognitive and Mental training for surgeons
        • The cataract surgery Patient 
        • The Day of surgery 
        • Cataract surgery preoperative assessment 
        • The Cataract surgery team and workflows 
        • The Cataract surgery Operating Room 
        • Basic Phacodynamics 
        • The cataract surgeon 
        • Basic Phacoemulsification Step by step  
        • Advanced  Phacoemulsification Step by step  
        • Phacoemulsification Complex Cases management 
        • Phacoemulsification Complication management 
        • Premium Cataract surgery 
        • Advanced Phacodynamics


    • Here you will learn with a Mentor by performing virtual simulations in the VRMagic Eyesi Simulator and with real phaco machine, microscope, consumables, IOLs, and Bioniko Artificial eyes. 
    • Modules: 
      • Virtual Simulation
        • Basic Skills in Phacoemulsification
        • Advanced Skills in Phacoemulsification
        • Complex cases and complications
      • Artificial eye simulation
        • Basic Skills in Phacoemulsification
        • Advanced Skills in Phacoemulsification
        • Complex cases and complications


    • Here you will learn in human patients with a Mentor.
    • Modules:



        • Basic Skills in Phacoemulsification
        • Advanced Skills in Phacoemulsification

    The Hybrid Blended Training value proposition

    • Hybrid blended learning in which we will mix remote learning with face to face learning in a very structured system to prepare you for hands-on training with adaptive learning tools.
    • Personalized course: you are able to choose the areas you want to train yourself with a flexible schedule. You will have a voice during the entire learning process.
    • The most modern “3D curriculum” to learn microsurgery in a very efficient way.
    • Andragogy training of mentors (they will use modern methodologies based on evidence of how adults learn).
    • Experiential learning with colleagues learning in a realistic environment and with real cases. 
    • Structured  Mentorship will make your journey enjoyable and efficient.
    • The data of your training will also be very important to personalize your training with objective and subjective feedback.
    • We will give you the tools to keep learning efficiently during your entire career.


    dulce itzel colin

    Dulce Itzel Colin Avila, MD


    I must confess that the course has not been what I expected, it constantly exceeds my expectations and takes me out of my comfort zone, as each module develops topics that one does not expect to see in this type of course, such as the layout of the operating room, assessing and improving the patient’s experience in their surgical process, to things like ergonomics, mental and motor skills and decision-making as a cataract surgeon.


    Mauro Panichelli, MD


    “In the Cataract Academy Course I found a completely new way to learn. It was faster, more efficient, and personalized for what I needed. I strongly recommend this course”


    • When can I start?
      • You can start after being accepted to the Phacomentors program.
    • Do I get a certificate after the course?
      • Yes, a certificate is provided by Phacomentors inc.
    • How do I pay?
      • You can pay by PayPal account, bank wire transfer or by credit/debit card (coming soon) .

    For more information please write to us at oftalmouniversity@gmail.com and one of the mentor´s team will get in touch with you.