• Cataract Academy Course 
  • Refractive Surgery Academy Course 
  • Retina Surgery Academy Course 
  • Glaucoma Surgery Academy Course 
  • Complex Cases and Complications in cataract surgery Course
  • Phaco Premium (Astigmatism and presbyopia-correcting IOLs)
  • Surgical Mindlab training 
  • Peak performance in ophthalmic surgery course 
  • First steps to Cataract surgery 

  • Oftalmo MBA 
  • Dry Eye Academy Course 
  • Contact Lenses Academy Course 
  • Ophthalmic Aesthetics Training Course
  • Branding/Marketing/Communication for ophthalmologists 
  • Critical Thinking/Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Ophthalmologists 
  • Artificial Intelligence for Ophthalmologists
  • Ophthalmology for non-ophthalmologists (MD, assistants, industry, and others)

Our online courses are strategically designed with active learning methodology specifically to prepare you for the practical part of hands-on, either simulation or operating room.

impressive & effective high quality audiovisual material

Our courses features expert-led video lessons, multi-camera views, animations, and hands-on training exercises that provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

You’ll learn the latest techniques and best practices in cataract surgery, all from the comfort of your own home or office.


    • When can I start?
      • You can start as soon as we receive the payment notification and send you the course access credentials. Typically it takes less than 24 hours.
    • Do I get a certificate after the course?
      • Yes, a certificate is provided by OftalmoUniversity & Phacomentors.
    • How do I pay?
      • You can pay by PayPal account, bank wire transfer, or by credit/debit card (via PayPal) .

    For more information please write to us at oftalmouniversity@gmail.com and one of the mentor´s team will get in touch with you.