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We will help you improve your surgical skills and
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    Our online courses...

    …will get you ready for simulation.
    …will get you ready for the operating room.
    …will help you improve as a surgeon.

    Our online courses are strategically designed with active learning methodology specifically to prepare you for the practical part of hands-on, either simulation or operating room.

    Become an Expert Cataract Surgeon with Our Online Training Course!

    Are you looking to enhance your skills as an eye surgeon and stay ahead of the curve in this competitive field? 

    Our online course offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge training program designed to help you achieve your professional goals.

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    Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your skills, our course is the perfect solution. 

    All ophthalmologists and residents who wish to improve their surgical skills will benefit from this course, regardless of their professional stage.

    Are you a resident?

    During your training these courses will help you to learn more efficiently, they will save you time and the resources will work synergistically alongside your training program.

    Are you an ophthalmologist?

    After becoming an ophthalmologist we will train you to become a competent cataract surgeon. Cataract surgery will be the most common surgery you will perform in your practice with the biggest impact on society and your patients.

    Are you a Cataract Surgeon?

    Build confidence, obtain better results, and repeatability, learn how to handle complex cases, and learn how to use new and latest technologies.

    No matter where you are. We take you to the next level

    impressive & effective high quality audiovisual material

    Our courses features expert-led video lessons, multi-camera views, animations, and hands-on training exercises that provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

    You’ll learn the latest techniques and best practices in cataract surgery, all from the comfort of your own home or office.



    Ivo Ferreira, MD


    Ophthalmologist with an intense focus on cataract surgery training. Trained in the UNAM University, Mexico in anterior segment surgery. Co-Founder of Oftalmouniversity, Oftalmocast, and Phacomentors. Currently training residents in Mexico City in the Instituto de Oftalmología Conde de Valenciana and Medical Director of the virtual simulation center in Mexico. Undertaking a Masters Degree in Medical Education at Dundee University, Scotland.

    ishtiaque anwar

    Ishtiaque Anwar, MD


    Ophthalmologist with a major focus on cataract surgery. Trained in Iladevi Cataract & Research Center, India. Currently working in Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute as faculty and Phaco Development program trainer.

    ben la hood

    Ben LaHood, MD


    Ophthalmologist with a focus on cataract surgery. Ben completed his fellowship in refractive surgery in Adelaide, Australia with a focus on premium IOLs and currently works as an ophthalmologist in Auckland, New Zealand. He is passionate about research and teaching cataract surgery.

    jonathan lake

    Jonathan Lake, MD


    Ophthalmologist with an intense focus on cataract surgery. Trained as a cataract and cornea surgeon in Santa Casa College of Medical Science, Sao Paulo, Jonathan is now head of the anterior segment department there. Post Doctorate at Federal University in Sao Paulo. Currently working as the CMO of Opty group in Brasilia.

    The Cataract Wormhole®️ methodology by Phacomentors: The Key to Your Success

    Our online courses are built around a proprietary methodology focused on andragogy, the science of adult learning. Our approach is designed around active learning to meet the unique needs and learning styles of eye surgeons, providing a comprehensive education that will help you stay focused and succeed.

    At the heart of our methodology are three pillars: mental preparation, motor skills, and cognitive skills. Our courses are designed to help you master these essential areas, providing you with the tools and techniques you need to excel in your field.


    Mental Preparation

    Our courses will help you develop the mindset and confidence you need to succeed in cataract surgery. You’ll learn to manage stress, stay focused, and approach procedures with the right attitude.


    Motor Skills

    Our courses are designed to help you refine your hand-eye coordination, develop precision, and master the techniques you need to perform successful phaco surgeries.


    Cognitive Skills

    Our courses will help you build your knowledge of physiopathology, and surgical techniques. You’ll also learn how to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios, helping you to make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes for your patients.

    With 24/7 access and flexible scheduling, you can complete the training on your own time and at your own pace. And with our comprehensive support, you’ll never feel alone on your learning journey.

    Study at your own pace, our courses will give you the education you need to succeed.


    • Here you will learn with your mentor and with real cases.
    • Modules: 
        • Introduction to Phaco principles 
        • What is to be a surgeon?
        • The journey to becoming a cataract surgeon 
        • Cognitive and Mental training for surgeons
        • The cataract surgery Patient 
        • The Day of surgery 
        • Cataract surgery preoperative assessment 
        • The Cataract surgery team and workflows 
        • The Cataract surgery Operating Room 
        • Basic Phacodynamics 
        • The cataract surgeon 
        • Basic Phacoemulsification Step by step  
        • Advanced  Phacoemulsification Step by step 



    • When can I start?
      • You can start as soon as we receive the payment notification and send you the course access credentials. Typically it takes less than 24 hours.
    • Do I get a certificate after the course?
      • Yes, a certificate is provided by OftalmoUniversity & Phacomentors.
    • How do I pay?
      • You can pay using Stripe, bank wire transfer, or by credit/debit card (via Stripe) .

    For more information please write to us at and one of the mentor´s team will get in touch with you.